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Passionate about cricket, and dedicated to bringing you the best in cricket content, welovecricket.info is your go-to source for all things cricket. Founded by the cricket enthusiast Nirmal Kori, our platform is a celebration of the sport that captivates hearts worldwide.

Our Founder – Nirmal Kori

At the heart of welovecricket.info is our founder, Nirmal Kori. A true aficionado of the game, Nirmal’s love for cricket extends beyond the boundary ropes. As a player and a devoted spectator, he recognized the need for a platform that not only provides cricket news but also delves into the stories of cricketers, the nuances of the game, and the pulse of the cricketing world.

Our Mission

Bridging Passion and Information

Our mission is clear – to bridge the gap between cricket enthusiasts and the vast world of cricketing knowledge. We aim to provide a platform where fans, players, and anyone with a love for the game can come together to indulge in the latest cricket news, insightful blogs, and engaging content.

What We Offer

1. Cricket News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the cricketing world. Our news section covers everything from match results to player milestones and cricketing events.

2. Player Spotlights and Stories

Delve into the lives and stories of your favorite cricketers. Our player spotlights bring you closer to the personalities behind the game.

3. Insightful Blogs

From match analyses to cricketing strategies, our blogs offer insightful perspectives on various aspects of the game. Written by cricket enthusiasts for cricket enthusiasts.

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